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Apr 17

Spring Into Fitness! Outdoor Exercise: Why and Where?

Posted on April 17, 2017 at 9:23 AM by Ashley Fulps

A crisp breeze strokes across your face while you feel the warmth of the sun soaking into your skin. You inhale nature's fresh air as you pass along trees, bushes, and wildflowers all while you listen to the sound of the outdoors and unwind from all the craziness in your everyday life.
That is tranquility, and that is found right here in Gallatin.

Here are my top 5 reasons to be active outdoors in Gallatin:
  • Let's be honest, gyms can be rough. We've all been there. Checking the clock on the wall during a group class, wiping down the appliances from the sweaty person before you, constantly glancing at the machine only to see a whopping 0:35 seconds have passed by.
  • Why not feel the distance you are going instead of tracking it by looking at the blinking numbers? Acknowledge the scenery passing you; before you know it, you've surpassed the distance and amount of time you were aiming for.
  • Get the bang for your buck...or burn for your work out. Outdoor exercising helps you be more physically active. We can thank factors like having to push through wind resistance, and continuous elevation changes. Outdoor exercising is also known to increase energy levels more than indoor exercising.
  • Unwind your mind! Yes, exercising in general helps you mentally by destressing and releasing endorphins. But, there have been psychological tests done that stated those who exercised outdoors also resulted in higher enthusiasm and self-esteem, while decreasing tension, depression and fatigue.
  • It is genuinely plain fun. Utilize this time to catch up with friends. Train for that 5k you've always told yourself you would do. Or train to beat your time from your last race. Explore the Greenway that Gallatin has and create your own hidden trails. Stop to do some yoga poses before you continue on your way. Take that picture of the sunset across the horizon.
  • IT'S free! Year round membership at no cost. How can you top that?!
Be it running, walking, cycling, skating, whatever is your liking, we are fortunate to have several outdoor trails in Gallatin to experience. So go out and explore!