Location, Location, Location - Really?

It Counts!

In retail, it may all be about location, location, location. We get it. But in manufacturing, we know other considerations may top the list. And, the top 10 site selection factors can change from year to year - certainly from decade to decade.

Skilled Workforce

Today the overall most important site selection factor is availability of skilled labor force. Since 2015, Gallatin has added and filled over 5,600 jobs. In 2019 alone, we've added more than 600 new jobs and the diversification of the employment base. 

Highway Accessibility

We’re along the northern loop around Nashville, Tennessee. Here’s a map to show you the major highway infrastructure and a chart to show you how far a tank of gas will take a truck.

Quality of Life

If that’s your top factor, we certainly have you covered on that one. We’re 25 minutes from downtown Nashville, but you don’t have to leave Gallatin for good entertainment or recreation. The list goes on. We’ll be happy to tell you how we match up to any of your site selection factors. It’s what we do. And, we’ll shoot straight with you.

What We Offer

Here are a few more reasons to choose Gallatin:
  • Our city invests in itself. 
  • We own our Industrial Center with nearly 70 acres ready to build, plus we have access to 1,000 more.
  • We’ve built more than $100-million in roads to improve access and ease.
  • The city owns the utilities - electric, water, gas and sanitary sewer.
  • We can cut through that red tape.
  • There’s no income tax.
  • The City hasn’t raised property taxes in 13 years.
  • We have one of the lowest electric rates in the TVA region.
  • Our regional airport has one of the longest general aviation runways in the state.
  • We have two highly-ranked colleges - Volunteer State Community College and Welch College.
  • 265,068 - that's our labor shed in a 30-minute drive time to Gallatin.
  • More than 600 acres of parks & recreation.
Map showing distance from Gallatin to Nashville, Tennessee
one tank trip graphic

Low Operating Costs, High ROI

All of this combines to give your business the lowest operating cost and highest ROI supported by proven workforce. 
Your corporate headquarters will fit in here as will your manufacturing facility. Here are a few of the companies that chose Gallatin, Tennessee - Beretta USA's sole manufacturing facility, Gap Inc. regional distribution center, and Servpro's Corporate Headquarters.

Give us a call or drop us a note - we'll find a home for you in Gallatin.
Berretta gun with Gallatin stamp
Beretta USA's only production facility moved to Gallatin in 2016.
Gap Inc. employees  by logo on wall
Gap Inc.'s regional distribution center opened in Gallatin in 1996.
SERVPRO Lift Driver
Servpro Corporate Headquarters have been in Gallatin since 1988.