Jobs Run the Spectrum

Gallatin's manufacturers employ more than 5,200 people - and the number is growing.

Before you stereotype a manufacturing job, let us tell you what a "manufacturing job" is in Gallatin.

Job types may surprise you

Manufacturing jobs include material buyers, business intelligence developers, engineers, commercial accounts coordinators, architects, CNC technicians, transportation assistants, Quick Books specialists, or after market service supervisors. 

And, yes, manufacturing still includes a mig welder, warehouse worker, metal stamping press operator, forklift driver, and machine operator.

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The beauty of Gallatin’s industrial world is that it runs the spectrum from national headquarters to traditional “mom and pop” shops. We’re home to international companies and the local start-up. Many have high tech gizmos and some are hands on gritty.

Find your niche

If you have a niche, you can probably find the job that fits right here in Gallatin. Are you a computer geek? There’s a job for you. Is your passion having a craft? There’s a job for you. Do you thrive on management success? There’s a job for you.

Here’s the key

Don’t make assumptions about manufacturing jobs. Check ‘em out. Then try ‘em out.

Samick worker fine tunes a piano
Two Servpro employees standing in hallway discussing a report.
Students gathered together working on project.
Person Controlling Machine