Current Planning

Current planning consist of the review and approval of projects and activities consistent with the City's land development regulations, including most new development reviews.  These projects and activities are submitted by developers, lease holder or property owners for development review and approval at monthly Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeal meetings or, for smaller projects and activities, by City Staff.   

Development Review

Development Review is conducted to ensure that adequate infrastructure and basic services are available to support new development, and assist customers in complying with the City's Land Development Code, Comprehensive Plan, Subdivision Regulations, Stormwater Ordinance and other related ordinances and through a managed review process. Additionally, the Planning and Development Review process  includes evaluating projects and making recommendations for land development proposals to the Planning Commission, Boards of Zoning Appeals, and City Council.

Types of projects requiring approval include but are not limited to:    

* Annexations
* Rezoning
* Master Plans
* Amendments to approved plans
* Site Plans
* Subdivision Plats
* Street Acceptances
* Conditional Use Permits
* Variances
* Appeals

Project Submittal and Review Process

The Planning Department is committed to providing quality customer service and assistance through various review processes.  Our goal is to make these processes as quick and easy as possible including personal technical assistance.  However, in order for us to successfully meet this commitment and ensure a timely review of applications, we need the applicant and owner's help to ensure that all required information and documentation (outlined on the applicable Review Checklists) is submitted by the published deadlines and, if necessary, that corrections are made to plans addressing all staff comments and resubmitted by the published resubmittal date. The following steps give a basic outline of the submittal and review process; a more detailed description of each requirement is provided in the Development Review and Approval Process packet.      


  1. A pre-application meeting is required prior to submitting an application. 
  2. A complete application shall be submitted to the Planning Department by the published  deadline for consideration by the Planning  Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals or Historic Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  3. City Staff will review properly submitted applications during the first full week following the submittal.  Review comments and  any other additional requirements regarding the resubmittal will be sent to the applicant listed on the application by Friday of that week.  The applicant will also be notified at this time if the project will be discussed at the Planning Commission Work Session usually held on the 2nd Monday of every month. 
  4. The applicant will have until the following Thursday to address the comments and resubmit corrected copies to the Planning Department.   
  5. City Staff will review the corrected copies and prepare a staff report to be presented during the regular Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals or Historic Commission meeting.  
  6. The Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals or Historic Commission will consider the project at their regularly scheduled meeting.
  7. If the project is an annexation, street acceptance, rezoning request or major amendment to an approved Master Development Plan it will require City Council Approval.  City Staff will work with the applicant on the process and suggest strategies for addressing any deficient requirements for City Council once it's recommended by Planning Commission.  
  8. All actions requiring approval by Ordinance shall be considered by Council Committee prior to being placed on a City Council Agenda.