Located about 23 miles northeast of Nashville, Gallatin is that rare town that's perfectly comfortable with its own place in the world. Sure, the folks in Gallatin love being able to spend time in a very large, very cool city like Nashville whenever they want. But what they love even more is living in Gallatin - a town filled with true success and amazing opportunity that is both remarkably simple and simply remarkable. Make Gallatin your home - whether it's for your business, your family or both. We have a spot for you.
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Why Gallatin? Of course our answer is "why not!"
  • Our city invests in itself. 
  • We own our Industrial Center with nearly 70 acres ready to build, plus we have access to 1,000 more.
  • We’ve built more than $100-million in roads to improve access and ease.
  • The city owns the utilities - electric, water, gas and sanitary sewer.
  • We can cut through that red tape.
  • There’s no income tax.
  • The City hasn’t raised property taxes in 12 years.
  • We have one of the lowest electric rates in the TVA region.
  • Our regional airport has one of the longest general aviation runways in the state.
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Business Facilities
ranks Tennessee #1 in the Southeast for Best Infrastructure. If you’re up for a day trip, we're conveniently accessible within a day’s drive to a majority of U.S. Gallatin is on the northern loop of Nashville. 
From Gallatin to: 
  • Atlanta = 257 miles
  • Charlotte = 399 miles
  • Chicago = 457
  • Detroit = 519
  • Indianapolis = 274 miles