The City also owns its utilities - electric, gas, water and sewer. This is just one more key dynamic that helps Gallatin streamline processes for major business location. The city is only at 50% of it’s capacity for water & sewer. We have the fastest growing electric utility in the TVA region so we are well equipped to handle new business.

Governor Bill Haslam's Improve Act also expedites key road projects that elevate access to and from Gallatin.
Gas Water Sewer in Gallatin
Image from below of bridge

Transportation Highlights

  • $57-million in projects this year alone - including a bypass around Gallatin and easier access into the Industrial Center
  • 1.7 miles from Industrial Center to a 4-lane highway
  • Sumner County Regional Airport has one of the longest general aviation runways in Tennessee
Aerial image of water treatment facility

Gas / Water / Sewer Highlights

  • Excess capacity for drinking water, natural gas, and wastewater treatment
  • All three services are already installed to the available parcels in the Industrial Center
  • Gallatin Public Utilities  proactively builds for the future
Two cherry pickers working on telephone pole

Electric Highlights

  • Rates among the lowest in the TVA region
  • New substation under construction in the Industrial Center with ability to serve loads up to 60MWs - existing power currently in the industrial center
  • Gallatin Department of Electricity installing fiber loop to all substations; by-product will be possibility of leased dark fiber