District 2 - George

Eileen George Q & A from the Gallatin News

Occupation: Manager broker, Reliant Realty, ERA Powered

Why did you decide to run?

I am a political “junkie” and listen to talk radio and TV news for entertainment. I’m a major investor in RPAC as a Sterling R, REALTORS member. I’m a chamber ambassador and love Gallatin. At a chamber luncheon, someone asked me if I’d be interested in running for Steve Camp’s seat. After the shock wore off, I discussed this with my daughter and friends, who encouraged me to do it. I said yes and began the process. I’m humbled and excited to be in this position and look forward to meeting more people in District 2.

What would be your priorities if elected?

As a new member of the council, I will listen to the people, pay attention to the other council members and ask questions. Our city is on the go, and we need to grow with the values passed on to us while contributing to them to enhance the culture we inherited. Our neighborhoods need to be safe and secure, so we all feel that sense of community in all areas of town. As a homeowner for decades in Foxfire, I’ve started a community page and invested in new signage in our subdivision. I believe in growing where planted!  

What are the three biggest challenges facing Gallatin in the next four years?

1. Having safe and secure neighborhoods in all parts of our city.

2. The quality of roads and traffic light synchronization. There is so much traffic backed up unnecessarily and would be eliminated by this introduction.

3. Using our downtown square for after business hours.

How do you plan to address those challenges if elected?

1. Form a collaborative group between police and citizens to address the issues. Social media and community pages would provide a forum for people to share their concerns and solutions.

2. Discuss the issues with city department heads to find the solution.  I know there’s been talk about doing this and getting a firm date would be helpful. Visitors to our city shouldn’t be backed up when there’s a “fix.”

3. The courthouse relocation with adequate parking is coming.  it’s time we had some downtown housing.  The homes should have front porches and accessible walkways around town.   We could do patio homes too!

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