Gallatin, in partnership with the State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority, offers incentives for qualifying existing or new companies on a case-by-case basis. Gallatin structures incentive packages creatively and meaningfully to meet the individual needs of a company while protecting the taxpayers and our schools.

What Gallatin Offers:

Gallatin's incentives are currently applicable to manufacturing, distribution and technology based companies.

Payment In Lieu of Tax (PILOT) Program

Based on capital investment, number of jobs created, and value of a new or expanding company, Gallatin offers a tiered program whereby the eligible company's property taxes are lowered for a specified number of years.

Tax Increment Financing

For eligible projects, the Gallatin Industrial Development Board may offer Tax Increment Financing as a method to offset certain development costs by using property tax revenues collected on improved properties to fund site improvement.

Site Preparation Funds

Gallatin officers Site Preparation Funds to qualifying new or expanding companies of up to $500 per new job created, up to a cap of $50,000. Qualifications include 20 new jobs and $500,000 capital investment. Payment is based on employment numbers after one year in operation. These funds are tiered dependent on pay.

Approval Process

All local incentive programs are first approved by the Gallatin Industrial Development board on the Gallatin Economic Development Agency's recommendation. They are then sent to City Council for final approval. Many times, preliminary approval can be granted within 30 days of receiving an application.

State of Tennessee Incentives

Competitive Tax Incentives make Tennessee a smart decision for doing business. Tennessee has long been considered a state with one of the most business-friendly economic climates in the nation with one of the nation’s lowest per capita tax burdens, no tax on personal income and no state property tax.

The Tennessee State Department of Economic and Community Development (TNECD) offers a variety of incentive  packages to new and expanding businesses in Tennessee. View Tennessee Incentives Fact Sheet (PDF)
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Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 

When it comes to relocating or expanding your business, the Valley Works for you in so many ways. Our abundant supply of sites and buildings, strategic central location, competitively priced power, and many other advantages offer a competitive edge that will help boost your business success. 

TVA Financial Resources

TVA and its economic development partners offer competitive incentives to eligible companies who make multi-year commitments to invest in the Valley. Read more about available financial resources.

More About State Incentives

  • The Jobs Tax Credit allows qualified businesses a credit against franchise and excise taxes based on capital investment and number of jobs created.
  • The Headquarters Tax Credit offers tax credits to businesses that relocate corporate headquarters to Tennessee based on relocation and construction costs.
  • Fast Track Jobs Training and Fast Track Infrastructure Development assist companies in training new employees and assisting communities in the development of public infrastructure.
  • Businesses who make capital investments and create jobs in economically-distressed counties may be eligible for a franchise and excise tax credit in addition to those otherwise offered to businesses.
Learn more at TNECD.

Secretary of State Incentives

The Secretary of State also provides services for new companies, including processing and filing corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership and certain general partnership documents.
Learn more about Tax Incentives Summaries.