Health, Educational & Housing Facilities Board

The function of the Health, Education, and Housing Facility Board is to assist in the financing of health facilities, educational facilities, and housing facilities for low and moderate income families, disabled individuals and the elderly.
Board Member
Term Expires
Rev. Derrick Jackson
Term Expired. Continues to serve pursuant to Article III of By-Laws of the Health, Educational, and Housing Facilities Board.
Pam Ogden
August 31, 2018
Allen Ramsey February, 7, 2018
Barry Carver
February 7, 2024
Michael Wertenberger
August 31, 2020
Scott Sloan
February 7, 2020
Time Hale
August 31, 2018

Membership Details

  • 6-year term (staggered)
  • Appointed by City Council
  • 7 members
  • No compensation


Not an officer or employee of the City.