Unwanted Solicitation

How do you know if you should or should not answer the door when a solicitor knocks?

The City of Gallatin Police Department offers these tips:
  • If you do not feel comfortable or do not want to answer the door, don't. Tell the solicitor you are not interested through the door.
  • If you are unsure if a solicitor is legitimate, ask for identification verifying they are employed by the company they claim to work for. If they do not have any identification, do not give them any money and tell them to leave.
  • If a solicitor refuses to leave or becomes irate, shut the door. If they still do not leave, call 911.
  • Do not let someone "guilt" you into giving them money or buying their product.
  • Do not believe stories such as "I live in your neighborhood" or "my car is broken down just around the corner".
  • Never let anyone into your home.

How to Identify a City Permitted Solicitor

Identification badges issued by the City of Gallatin are to be worn at all times while soliciting / peddling. 

Report Problems With Solicitors

It is important to exercise caution to anyone who is unannounced at your residence. If you feel a solicitor is not legitimate or you feel intimidated, please contact the Gallatin Police Department's Non-Emergency line at 615-452-1313.