Door-to-Door Sales - Solicitation

A person or business selling or offering to sell new merchandise to the public on temporary premises and does not have a permanent location is considered a solicitor. Prior to the event date, a solicitor is required to obtain a permit from the City Recorder’s Office to conduct business in Gallatin.

Solicitation Guidelines

  • Any organization that is going door-to-door at private residences within the City of Gallatin in order to sell a good or service or solicit donations of any kind or size, is required to obtain a Peddling/Solicitation Permit. One permit is required per individual in each organization.
  • Canvassers who are going door-to-door with the sole purpose of distributing information are not required to obtain a Peddling/Solicitation Permit; however, without a permit they are not allowed to solicit for donations at any time.
  • The permit does not provide permission to solicit where notice of No Solicitation or No Trespass has been provided by the property owner. This also applies to canvassing organizations not required to receive a permit.

Permit Process

Application Fee

  • There is a $50 application fee for a Peddling/Solicitation Permit. This must only be paid once per member of the organization.
  • The application fee is waived for charitable, nonprofit, or religious solicitation, with proof of nonprofit status pursuant to Internal Revenue Code §501(C)(3).

Documentation Required

  • Proof of nonprofit status for fee waiver, if applicable.
  • Copy of current, valid driver’s license and other current, valid, government-issued identification that includes your picture.
  • Timeline of solicitation and areas of town you will be working.

Application Procedures

  • Application at the City Recorder’s Office at Gallatin City Hall 132 West Main Street Room 111.
  • Complete application with notarized signature and return to the City Recorder’s Office with proof of nonprofit status, or $50 application fee.

Do Not Solicit Registry

It’s important for solicitors to comply with not visiting locations that are on the Do Not Solicit Registry. Residents and businesses on the Registry are encouraged to contact the Gallatin Police Department if violations occur, or if solicitors do not agree to leave immediately if asked.