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How Are My Tax Dollars Spent?

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The City of Gallatin property tax is payable from October 1st through the last day of February.

Current Rates

For the year 2018 the property tax rate for the City of Gallatin is $0.99 per $100 of assessed value. Please call for the exact amount of tax due.

Pay Your Taxes

Pay Taxes Online

As a reminder, if you pay City of Gallatin property tax you will also pay a Sumner County property tax to the Sumner County Trustee’s Office 355 North Belvedere Drive, Room 107 you can contact them at 615-452-1260.


Tennessee state law does not require the mailing of tax notices. Owners of property are presumed to know that taxes are due without personal notice. Failure to receive a tax notice does not relieve the responsibility of payment, nor is this a reason for interest and penalty charges to be dismissed if the tax bill becomes delinquent.

Payment Timeline

All property taxes, real and personal, are payable October 1 and shall become delinquent March 1 of each year. In October of each year, tax notices for real and personal property are mailed out to property owners as recorded by deed on January 1 of that taxing year.

You are responsible for both City and County property taxes. City taxes are paid to the City of Gallatin. County taxes are paid to the Sumner County Trustee. If you do not receive a notice by the end of October from either jurisdiction, you should notify that tax office. You may pay taxes without penalty and interest through the last day of February. However, if you wish to use this deduction on your IRS tax return, payment will need to be made by December 31. We also send tax information to any mortgage company that requests information and to major mortgage servicing companies that are hired by mortgage companies to pay taxes on their behalf.

To ensure that your mortgage company receives a notice, you may want to forward a copy of the tax bill to them. We also suggest that you use our online Property Tax Inquiry service to verify that they have been paid. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to know what taxes are due and when, whether you receive a bill or not. It is also your responsibility to provide a current mailing address. If there is a change in your mailing address you need to notify the Property Tax Assessor's office.

Property Tax Assessments

Property Tax Assessments are made by the Sumner County Tax Assessor's Office. The tax notices are generated after applying the City of Gallatin tax rate to the County's assessment value. If you have any questions about the appraisal of your property or you need to change the mailing address for your tax notices, please contact the Sumner County Assessor's Office located at 355 N Belvedere at 615-452-2412.

Personal Property Tax

Personal Property Tax is a tax on the equipment you use in the operation of your business. The Property Tax Assessor's office sends a Tangible Personal Property form to be completed by the property owner and the tax is based on the information derived from that form. This tax can be used as a deduction on your business tax report, provided it is paid within the business tax period. The amount paid to the City of Gallatin for personal property taxes can be deducted on the City of Gallatin business tax report and the amount paid to the Trustee's Office can be deducted from the Sumner County Clerk's business tax report only.  Please contact our office if you have closed or plan to close a business. 

Property Tax Relief

The State of Tennessee provides Tax Relief for the elderly (age 65 and over) and the disabled. Certain criteria must be met in order to qualify. To view this criteria please click here. The City of Gallatin and Sumner County both offer this program. 

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