Non-Construction Permit info

Beer Permits

State and local laws regulate the sale of alcoholic beverages. The City Recorder's’ Office is responsible for the beer permit application process for the City Beer Board.

The components of the Beer Permit Application Packet (PDF) are also available in the City Recorder's’ Office, which handles the administrative process. The beer permit applicant must appear before the Beer Board for consideration of his or her request for a beer permit. The Beer Board meets on the third Thursday of each month and requests a representative be present. You will need to submit a Beer Permit Application (PDF) for a permit to sell, store, manufacture, or distribute beer under the provisions of the Tennessee Code Annotated.

Burn Permit

Burning authorized by this permit is for yard rakings and brush only. Permits are only issued for the current day, and does not relieve the liability for damages resulting from the escape of the fire. Learn more from the Fire Department regarding Burn Permits.

Moving Permit

A House Moving Permit is required to move a building or structure on a street or other public right away in the City of Gallatin. A number of approvals are required from City departments and utility companies so please leave ample time for permitting.  
View or download the Moving Permit Application.

Parade Permit

The Special Event Permit is required for activities such as parades, street fairs, block parties, rallies, and other events that require closures of City streets, sidewalks or other facilities, or may have an impact on the provision of City services beyond the normal day-to-day level. The form is filled out and turned into the Recorder's Office in City Hall, and they work with the GPD to complete the application.
View or download the Parade Permit Form (PDF).

Permit Bond

Permit bonds protect the City of Gallatin against claims arising from a license or permit issued to someone. They ensure compliance with laws, ordinances and regulations by license or permit holders. Consumers are protected because they may make a direct claim to the surety company if the license or permit holder acts contrary to your laws or ordinances. View or download the Permit Bond Application (PDF).