The City of Gallatin is dedicated to becoming a more walkable city. Sidewalks are a crucial safety tool. Research has shown that sidewalks that are physically separated from streets can help to prevent 88% of crashes involving people walking. Sidewalks are also an important community amenity. They make it easier for people to get around their neighborhoods, access transit, and walk to local businesses, parks, and schools.

Sidewalk improvement projects are identified and prioritized through cooperation and research through local surveys and cooperation between City Departments of Engineering, Planning, and Public Works. Once identified for construction, new projects are vetted through a process that involves public meetings and City Council authorization.
Gallatin’s future sidewalk improvements will make an immediate impact by addressing long-standing needs for better and safer pedestrian connections to schools, community centers and other key services.

Engineering & Sidewalks

See how Engineering works towards safer sidewalks.