Bulk Pick Up

The City provides bulk-item pick-up for items too large to be disposed of in garbage containers. These items are picked up on Fridays, and must be called in to 615-452-2147 for pick-up by Thursday at 3:30 p.m. This list is not all-inclusive. If you have something that is not on this list, please call before placing it at the street. 

Eligible Items for Pick Up

  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Scrap metal

Items Are Not Eligible for Pick Up

  • Building materials (tile, drywall, paneling, shingles, carpet and padding, cabinetry, lumber, pallets, sinks, bath tubs, showers, toilets, pipes, wires, brick, siding, windows of any kind, doors of any kind, flooring, vanities, gutters, trim, fencing etc.)
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Auto parts
  • Dead animals
  • Dirt, rock, concrete, bricks, etc.
  • Gas tanks and other hazardous waste.
  • Miscellaneous items that are small enough to fit into the trash container (excess trash, clothes, toys, small kitchen appliances, etc.)
  • Tires (Your local tire dealer or the resource authority will take tires for a cost)

New Move-Ins

New move-ins are allowed a maximum of three pick ups  for cardboard boxes within the first six months. Cardboard boxes will not be picked up any other time. If you have an item that will not fit in the container and is not listed, please contact our office for clarification and disposal instructions.