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Last year alone, the 100 men and women of the Gallatin Police Department responded 13,762 times to come to the aid of their neighbors in need. Our team operates four neighborhood fire stations strategically located across a 120 square-mile jurisdiction protecting more than 25,000 people who live, work and play in Gallatin.
Police Chief Don Bandy

Message From the Chief

Working for our department is so much more than a job. The men and women here share a bond and a genuine dedication to serve this city with honor and respect. I look forward to meeting you personally and appreciate your consideration to join us.

Chief Don Bandy


All officers in the State of Tennessee are required to attend an eight-week or longer training academy where they learn the basics of law enforcement. These basics include extensive study of the legal system, handgun usage and use-of-force, police vehicle driving, juvenile laws, and a large number of other topics. Learn More

Retirement Benefits

A big plus to working for Gallatin is a defined benefit retirement plan. Once you are eligible for retirement, retired receive this benefit for life and may have the option to receive a lower benefit and allow for their spouse to receive the benefit for life if the spouse were to outlive the retiree. Gallatin also offers deferred compensation and IRA plans that can assist in supplementing your retirement income.

Job Security

Unlike the private sector, public sector, public sector employees are less subject to the ups and downs of the marketplace when it comes to layoffs and employee cutbacks. This does not mean that you can have low performance or acts of misconduct and still find yourself unemployed, but it does mean that good employees have more job security

Other Benefits

Municipal workers often find themselves with additional benefits. These would include health insurance with affordable premiums, vacation days, sick days and holidays. When combined with base salary, all these benefits increase one’s total compensation. The City of Gallatin also offers employee assistance programs, deferred compensation programs, and life insurance plans.
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