New Service

The City provides optional garbage pick-up service once a week, at a charge of $16 per container per month. Setting up your trash service involves contacting a couple of different agencies with the City of Gallatin. Follow the following steps and you'll breeze through the process as easy as 1-2-3! (really there are only two steps).

Fill out Trash Service Application

When you apply for water and/or gas service with Gallatin Public Utilities, you can also fill out a Online Trash Service Application or print out a Trash Service Application (PDF) or  APLICACIÓN DE SERVICIO DE RECOLECCIÓN DE BASURA. Gallatin Public Works is also where you would notify us of a change of  service location within the city.  Are you on White House Water and don't have a Gallatin Public Utilities account? Not a problem! Simply complete the form above and email it to or bring it to Gallatin Public Works located at 641 Long Hollow Pk. 

Purchase a Trash Can from the City

Garbage containers can be purchased from the City for $68 each. Call 615-451-5895 or visit the Recorder's Office in Gallatin City Hall at 132 W Main Street to submit a Garbage Container Purchase Form (print form) and payment. For your convenience cash, checks, and credit card payments are accepted.  Your garbage can to be delivered in a few days (usually 24 hours). Containers purchased from the City come with a manufacturer's 10-year warranty. Whenever possible our employees will try to repair the can even after the warranty expires (the lid tends to be what fails after a decade of use). If you are buying your can from the city, skip the next step.

Purchase a Trash Can on Your Own

After submitting your Online Trash Service Application if you purchase a trash can from a hardware store, call us at 615-452-2147 to give us the serial number on the container in order to activate your account. Gallatin uses fully automated garbage trucks so containers must be compatible with the City's equipment (see picture below). If the can was not purchased from the City, any damage or replacement is the responsibility of the owner. 

About Trash Can Serial Numbers

Not every container purchased from a hardware store has a serial number. In this case please call anyway and a serial number can be issued for your can.

Pickup Schedule

View the Pick up Schedule (PDF) to find your pickup schedule or call 615-452-2147.
Store bought cans must have large grip handle, snap locking wheels, axles, and steel bar, image of g