Garbage Collection

Garbage Pickup: What You Need to Know

  • Garbage cans are picked up Monday through Thursday. View the Pick Up Route (PDF) to find your pickup schedule or call 615-452-2147.
  • Place your trash can at the curb no later than 7 a.m. the day of service. Return the trash can to the back of your property within 24 hours.
  • Important: Handles should face away from the street. If the hinge of the can is on the other side, the lid can be damaged.
  • Place your garbage can away from anything else (three feet in all directions from any other object like a mailbox, power pole, or second garbage can).
  • Brush, dirt, bricks, rocks, tires, construction materials or other hazardous materials (paint, gasoline, needles, etc.) shall not be placed in the garbage container.
  • Two "Courtesy Dumps" are provided per calendar year. A Courtesy Dump is when a container is not placed out on time or in proper position, and a driver is rerouted or returns to a residence to service the can.
  • If your question is still not answered, feel free to refer to the Overview of Solid Waste Disposal  or Resumen de los servicios medioambientales sobre la eliminación de residuos sólidos or call 615-452-2147.


Garbage Service is billed at a rate or $16.00 per container per month on either your Gallatin Public Utility bill or White House Utility Bill.  Should you need to change the number of containers you are being charged form you can use an Online Billing Change Form fill out the Billing Change form  and  return via email or SOLICITUD DE CAMBIO DE FACTURACIÓN DEL SERVICIO DE RECOLECCIÓN DE BASURA
and return in via email.  

Repairing & Replacing Containers

  • To receive service your trash can must not be damaged (i.e. bars intact, container free from cracks, both wheels present, functioning lid that can be closed completely)
  • Property owners are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing lost, stolen, or vandalized containers.
  • Replacement garbage containers are $68 each and can be purchase from the City Recorder's Office.  If purchased from the city there is a 10-year warranty provided.
  • Garbage cans under the 10-year warranty that are damaged during collection will be repaired or replaced by the City.
  • Garbage cans are the property of the customer.

Special Services for Challenged Persons & Difficult Driveways

Backdoor Service is available for disabled persons who have no able-bodied person living in the home. A doctor’s statement and signed release shall be provided to the Public Works Director for approval.

Long Driveways

Customers that desire service for residences with driveways 400 feet or more, may request pick-up at the house for a fee of $8 per month. The driveway must be traversable by City garbage trucks, with an adequate area to turn around for this service. A signed release must be completed authorizing City employees to access the property.

Holiday Schedule

Please note that the observance of holidays may affect your trash pick up.  Feel free to refer to the 2024 Holiday Schedule for assistance.