Public Works

Public Works provides essential services to the citizens of Gallatin in a prompt, courteous, safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.  Our dedicated employees strive to build, maintain, and operate public infrastructure in a professional and economical manner while respecting the environment and preserving these assets for succeeding generations.

Kicking Glass to the Curb

The Public Works Department is preparing to launch its cutting edge glass compacting program in an effort to save the city thousands of dollars a year in recycling expenses and meanwhile alleviate the expense of acquiring aggregate for construction projects. This state of the art technology promises to keep over 100,000 pounds of glass out of the landfill and meanwhile provide an affordable alternative to the crushed stone that has historically been used as a base material in most of the cities infrastructure projects.  Keeping it "green" is all in a days work for Gallatin Public Works.
Paper Leaf Bags on Street
Road Arrows on Greenwave Drive
Four volunteers at the Clearview Community Cleanup
Public Works crews will only collect leaves in paper leaf bags on the day after your normal trash day. Call 615-452-2147 to schedule.
Find out what City projects are going on now and over the horizon.
Adopting highways, work groups, and stream cleanups are all in need of volunteers.
Airport Road Railroad Improvement

Public Works Department prepares  Airport Rd crossing for final paving by TDOT. 
N Boyers & Vena-Stuart Road Improvements
Efforts to address erosion, improve driver safety and aid in future maintenance  promise lasting impact.
Joslin drainage improvements
Public Works completed project that will allow increased storm sewer capacity.