Meter Reading

Our meter readers read your water and gas meters every month. Gallatin Public Utilities personnel carry department issued identification badges, which can be shown upon request. Our service trucks have decals on the doors with the City seal and Public Utilities.


Gallatin Public Utilities employees in the field are not authorized to accept payments and will never ask for payment or gratuity.


The Gallatin Municipal Code, as well as State and Federal regulations require unencumbered access to our meters at all times for emergency response as well as routine maintenance.

Dogs, locked gates, overgrown shrubs, and other obstacles can keep our meter readers from reading your meter. Call us to make arrangements if your property has locked gates or other security measures Do not build a deck or other structures over your meter

Move Over

Tennessee's Move Over Law was expanded in 2011 to include utility vehicles. Motorist approaching a utility vehicle with flashing lights are required to move over or reduce speed. 
Angry Dog
For years, our meter readers have upset dogs as we check water meters. A project in the works will make fido happy and will benefit our human customers as well. Read more about automatic meter readers.
Warning, Gas Pipeline


A pipeline right-of-way is an area of property or land over and around our pipelines which provides access to our lines for installation, maintenance, and repair. In these rights-of-way easements some of the property owner's legal rights have been granted to Gallatin Public Utilities. Gallatin Public Utilities has installed pipeline markers to help aid you in identifying the existence of the buried pipelines, valves, manholes, etc.

Not Allowed on the Right-of-Way

  • Any permanent structure
  • Blasting
  • Burning waste or any materials Trees
  • Wells

Uses Typically Requiring Written Permission

  • Excavation
  • Installation of a fence Land Development (changes in soil depth)
  • Paving in any form