Owning Chickens in Gallatin

An annual license is required for the keeping of any domesticated chickens. Additionally, a building permit is required for the construction of a henhouse and chicken pen.

The fee for an annual license to keep chickens is $25. In addition, a $50 fee shall be required for the building permit for the construction of a henhouse and fenced enclosure. An applicant for a license must either own the property or have permission from the property owner to be eligible for a license.

Up to six chickens may be allowed. Only female chickens (hereinafter "hens") are allowed. Fowl and poultry other than chickens are not allowed. Roosters shall be prohibited. Breeding of licensed hens shall be prohibited on property premises.

Hens shall be kept for personal use only; no person shall sell eggs or engage in chicken breeding or fertilizer production for commercial purposes. The slaughtering of chickens is prohibited.

Hens must be kept in a fenced enclosure at all times. The fenced enclosure must be either: covered, or at least forty-two inches high, in which case, all hens must be wing-clipped to prevent escape.

In addition to the fenced enclosure, hens shall be provided with a covered, predator-resistant henhouse. Hens shall be secured within the henhouse during non-daylight hours. A minimum of two square feet per hen shall be provided for henhouses and six square feet per bird for fenced enclosures. Neither the henhouse nor the fenced enclosure may be located less than ten feet from any abutting property line. Henhouses and enclosures shall be prohibited in front yards.
Gallatin Building Codes: 615-451-5968