Animal Control

The City of Gallatin Police Department’s Animal Control Officers make every effort to keep the public safe, protect animals, and educate the community to be responsible pet owners. Animal Control can be reached at 615-452-1313.


Animal Control Officers provide the following services.

Animal Bites

Please report to Sumner County Animal Control immediately – Animal bites to humans, wild animal bites to domestic animals, bat to human contact, and bat to domestic animal contact. A domestic animal involved in a bite or contact with wildlife may be required to be quarantined.

Enforcement of Animal Laws

Enforcement of animal laws such as:
  • Animal Noise / Barking Dogs: No person shall keep any animal that makes noise so continuously or incessantly so as to unreasonably disturb the peace and quiet. Animal Control Officers will warn the animal owner. If warnings are not successful, the complainant will be required to come forward and sign a citation against the animal owner. Animal Control Officers do not conduct independent investigations for animal noise and the complainant is required to hold the burden of proof.
  • Domestic Fowl: The City of Gallatin allows residents to have up to six chickens (hens only). Any domestic fowl shall be kept in a sanitary enclosure. The Gallatin Building Codes Department has jurisdiction over the rules of proper enclosures on residential properties.
  • Leash law: Dogs must be on a leash when off the premises of the owner or the person having care, custody, control or possession of the dog.
  • Mandatory Registration of Service Animals is Not Permissible: The Adults with Disabilities Act does not require service animals to wear a vest, ID tag, or specific harness. If you would like to obtain service dog identification, you will need to contact a private company.
  • Removal of Dog Defecation: It is unlawful to have custody of any dog and fail to immediately remove and dispose of any feces deposited by such dog upon public property or upon private property not owned or controlled by the owner or person having the custody of such dog.

Found Dog

If you have found a loose dog, please report it to Animal Control immediately or you may take the dog to the Gallatin Animal Control Office at 1033 Union School Road in Gallatin.

Lost Pet

To report your pet lost or missing, please contact the Sumner County Animal Control Facility at 1033 Union School Road in Gallatin.

Removal of Dead Animals

Animal Control Officers remove dead animals from public roadways and may be available to pick up dead animals from private property. If it is your own pet that is deceased, it is recommended you contact a veterinarian concerning the disposal of your deceased pet.
Horse and Foal
Aerial view of the City.
City Animal Ordinances
Residents may not be aware laws and rules for caring for animals within the City limits.
Chickens and Bees
In 2016, Gallatin modified ordinances on raising chickens and bees in the City.
Gallatin’s animal control experts give a checklist on actions to take when your animal is missing.