Natural Gas

At Gallatin Public Utilities, our job is to ensure the safe, reliable delivery of natural gas to your home, your business, and our community. We focus our resources on delivering clean, efficient natural gas to you, customer safety is our number one priority.

Our System

Gallatin Public Utilities operates and maintains of 361 miles of natural distribution system pipelines beneath our community's streets, sidewalks, and yards. We provide natural gas service to approximately 11,500 customers in our community; with annual natural gas purchases exceeding 2,100,000 MCF (thousand cubic feet).

What Are You Responsible for?

Customers are responsible for the maintenance of all natural gas plumbing extending beyond the gas meter to and within the home or business, as well as all natural gas appliances. Customers with buried natural gas lines between the meter and the primary structure (house or business) should be - periodically inspected for leaks, for corrosion (if the piping is metallic), and repaired if any unsafe condition is discovered. If natural gas lines are not properly maintained, they may be subject to potential corrosion and/or leakage hazards. Gallatin Public Utilities and the Department of Transportation recommend that you periodically inspect your natural gas lines for corrosion and leaks.