Temporary Use Permit (TUP)

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) allows for the temporary utilization of a property for a special, unique, or limited duration use.  Permitted temporary uses shall be allowed in the City and in the Planning Region. Permitted temporary uses are identified in Gallatin Zoning Ordinance Section 15.03.090, and shall comply with the required standards for these activities.   

Unless specifically exempt, any person, firm or corporation desiring to conduct a temporary use within Gallatin or the Gallatin Planning Region shall first obtain a temporary use permit. Such person, firm or corporation shall file a written application with the Planning Department on a form provided by the City, together with an application fee as required by the City. For any event not conducted by the owner of the property where the temporary use is to occur, a letter from the property owner granting permission to conduct the event shall be provided.