Mountain biking


9 Miles



One of the more popular trails in the Nashville area, Lock 4 is approximately nine miles of well-maintained singletrack. Though there is not a significant elevation change, the trail uses natural features and the provided terrain to make it really fun. The trail is divided into segments, plus several off-shoots intended for more advanced riders.

Need to Know Info

Parking is at a dedicated mountain bike trailhead. Though continuous, the trail is divided into and east and west side. The west side is lower and closer to the lake, and stays wet more in the winter. The west side is usually closed until the spring.


Xterra Lock 4 Blast June Lock 4 Park

One of the longest running XTERRA events in the entire USA. This beautiful family triathlon is set in Gallatin, TN 25 min from downtown Nashville, TN. Enjoy the entire weekend and the beautiful Tennessee setting in June!

Lock 4 Old Hickory Classic July Lock 4 Park

Experience mountain bike racing World Cup Style at Lock 4 mountain bike trails in Gallatin. Improving on last years new layout, we are shortening and widening the course event more for 2016, providing ample room for passing, shorter distances, and all the good climbs. The course will start with trail over to the road, then cut left and go down the road down and enter back onto trail 4. At that point, we will use everything else except Smack down and the second shoreline trail. This has proven to me Spectator friendly and a little more room for passing, which makes for some great racing. Register day of 30 minutes before your event.
Riders Lining Up for Mountain Bike

State Mountain Bike XC Championship August Lock 4 Park

Experience mountain bike racing World Cup Style at Lock 4 mountain bike trails in Gallatin. The course is short and wide, providing ample room for passing, shorter distances, and great climbs. This event is open to ALL mountain bikers. Come compete for the state title!

The start line will be on the peninsula and run the road and up the jeep road climb. At that point, you will start the lap by turning right and going down rabbit run. You will follow the trail through to 16 and exit into the field to end lap 1 and begin lap 2. Lap 2 will go back onto trail 1 and turn left to the top of the jeep road climb where you will repeat the course from lap 1. This has proven to be spectator friendly and provides more room for passing, which makes for some great racing. Cat 1 riders will do Rock Garden trail, Smack Down trail, and Chlorine Hollow bypassing only the Spring trail. Cat 2 riders will do Rock Garden and Chlorine Hollow, bypassing the Spring trail and Smackdown. Cat 3 riders, will bypass all of the above sections.

Bike Racing

September 9 - Lock 4 Park

In September, the 6th annual Gallatin Gran Fondo cycling event will be held in Sumner County. The event brings the Gallatin Lion's Club together with cycling enthusiasts for a great cause. This event will attract hundreds of riders and spectators supporting a great community effort which is raising money for Children's eyesight. Please help spread the word to all your cycling friends.

The ride will benefit the Gallatin Lion's Club "Journey for Sight Conservation" which performs more than 5,000 eye screenings each year.

Where:  Gallatin City Square, Gallatin TN 37066

Routes: 25K Tour  50K Tour 100K Tour

Climbs:  KOM1   KOM2 


Start time: 7:30am Registration time: 6:30AM

Fee:$30 Pre-registration, $40 After Sept 1st

Fee Includes, T-Shirt, Loaded rest stops, Sag/Police Support, post ride BBQ dinner.

Lock 4 | 6 Hr Challenge October Lock 4 Park

The 6 hour challenge race will be rain or shine. If less than 90 riders combined participate, purse pay out will be cut in half. The event will begin at 10 a.m. with a Shotgun Lemans start at the peninsula of Lock 4 Park. Lap time will be recorded at the end of each lap per rider. At 3:30 p.m. the cut-off to begin the last lap will occur. Riders coming in after 3:30 p.m. will be stopped and scored by their number of laps then their finish time. This process will go on until the last rider finishes. Riders who finish after 4 p.m. will not be permitted to begin their last lap. How do we determine who wins? The most laps finished in the fastest time before 4 p.m.