The purpose of the Sign Ordinance is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare through a comprehensive system of reasonable, consistent and non-discriminating sign standards and requirements. This provides each person or business an opportunity to convey messages while protecting the City against excessive clutter by regulating the size, location, placement, manner, illumination source, and design quality under which signs may be displayed.  These regulations help to ensure that signs are consistent with the overall building design and in harmony with the surrounding residential and nonresidential neighborhoods, and provide safety of motorists and pedestrians by minimizing  distractions caused by excessive and intrusive signs.
NEW - Guidance for Political Campaign Signs During General Elections
Permanent Business Sign with Brick
Cici's Pizza sign on a strip mall

Signs Requiring Sign Permits

Types of signs that require permitting include but are not limited to: 

* Monument / Freestanding Ground Signs
* Wall-Mounted Signs
* Billboards
* Face Changes
* Window Signs
* Temporary Signs
* Directional Signs
* Menu Boards

Sign Submittal, Review, Permits and Inspections

Submittal and Review

In addition to the sign permit application, a detailed sign and construction package shall be submitted (see Required Information). Sign permits are reviewed for zoning, size, design, placement, building and electrical code compliance.  

Additional Permits

Once the sign specifications have been approved, if it is a new illuminated cabinet, an electrical permit will be required for the connection of the sign cabinet to the structure.  


New monument signs require an inspection at the footing stage.  All signs require a final inspection for zoning, building and electrical code compliance. Inspections are scheduled through the inspection hotline at 615-451-5970.   

Required Information

Sign permits are reviewed for zoning, building and electrical code compliance.  
The following information is required when applying for a sign permit:   

  • Completed sign permit application
    • If applying for more than one sign, all signs may be submitted on the same application   
  • Wall-mounted signs require construction details of the sign including the materials and anchoring 
    • Photo or drawing of building showing the location of the sign on the building
    • Illustration or photo of sign showing the dimensions
  • Monument signs require construction details of the sign and/or sign cabinet and structure including materials and footing
    • Site plan showing the width of street frontage and location of proposed sign
    • Illustration or photo of sign showing the dimensions including from property lines, rights-of-way, buildings and driveways. 
  • Electrical detail is required for all new cabinets

Prohibited Signs

Prohibited signs include but are not limited to:


Defaced Signs


Sign missing inner section

Wind Signs

  • Feather Flags
  • Pennant Streamers
  • Inflatable Tube Men
Red open flag in front of business
String of Pennant Flags hung at a business
Waving man inflatable sign

Portable Signs


Portable business sign with detachable letters

Excessive Window Signs


Storefront covered in yellow signs