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* Fence Permits required effective August 16, 2017 

Updated Zoning Map Now Available

* Signs are not permitted in the Right-of-Way per the Gallatin Zoning Ordinance.  Beginning in February, per Section 13.07.030, all signs placed in the Right-of-Way will be removed without notice.     

The Gallatin Planning Department administers and prepares long range planning for the City and provides professional guidance for  development projects within the city limits and the planning region surrounding the City.  The Planning Department coordinates review of your project from concept to completion to ensure that all new and redevelopment projects comply with city and state regulations.  

This department also works with you on day to day projects such as opening a business, obtaining temporary use permits, installing a sign, constructing a fence, determining flood zone boundaries, and providing general zoning and development information. 

Whether you are considering developing a residential, commercial or industrial project, modifying an existing property, opening or relocating a business, or possibly making some home improvements, there are some things you need to know regarding the approval  process, and the design and permitting requirements.    
Signs and storefronts on the Gallatin Square
Google Map of Gallatin Streets
Blue planning public notice zoning action sign