Gallatin Green

butterfly on a sunflower
Cities, towns, and counties have a critical role to play to help save the Monarch butterfly.
Green Glass to Recycle
Happy man and Woman riding in convertible car
Gallatin's new glass crusher gives glass a new life as a valuable construction material rather than ending up as waste in a landfill.
Saving money and reducing your carbon footprint are easier than ever with the right technology and information.
Water Draining from Street
Managing water quantity and quality is the City's business (and yours).
Dripping outdoor faucet
Our video series gives you the tools to DIY, conserve water, and save money.
Glass filled with fresh water
Get the most recent analysis of the water you drink from the tap in Gallatin.
aluminum and tin cans ready for recycling
Find out where you can recycle both standard and specialty household items.
Bees on Flower
Bees are responsible for pollinating most of your food, and now you can have hives in the City limits.
Downtown with Flowers
Help us recognize businesses that exemplify innovative and extraordinary beautification efforts.