GFD Clown troupe

It's hard to imagine that the stars of Gallatin's clown troupe are actual firefighters, and the kids who experience the show LAUGH, SHOUT and walk away with critical knowledge about fire prevention and safety.

Clown Spotlight

Flame of the GFD Clown Troupe


  • Favorite Quote: "I don't have to be on fire to ‘stop, drop, cover and roll!"
  • Strengths: Super smoke sniffer
  • Best Advice: Getting out of a house fast with at least two ways out
  • Afraid of: Hot stuff on stove
Ax of the GFD Clown Troupe


  • Favorite Quote: "What did the egg say to the clown? You crack me up"
  • Strengths: Master chopper
  • Best Advice: Get low in smoke
  • Afraid of: Lighters, Matches, Cats
Steamer of the GFD Clown Troupe


  • Favorite Quote: "Keep calm and clown on."
  • Strengths: Thinking fast in big shoes
  • Best Advice: "911″ is for emergencies only
  • Afraid of: Smoke alarm sound, rubber chickens
Firefighter Robo

Firefighter Robo

  • Favorite Quote: "Rookie does not rhyme with dookie."
  • Strengths: Knowing everything in the book
  • Best Advice: If you smell rotten eggs there may be a gas leak
  • Afraid of: Being at the station by myself

Actual Story

Jonathan Martinez was in 2nd grade at Vena Stuart Elementary School last year when he saw the clown show. A few weeks later he woke up to find smoke in his bedroom. After calling out to his parents, he snapped into action by getting out fast and meeting his parents at the mailbox. Flame and Ax bounce around the room when they tell this story.

2012 Fire Educator of the Year