Message From Chief Williams

It’s been two years since my appointment as fire chief. It has been an interesting ride so far to say the least. As an organization, we have made great strides and have overcome some challenges. In the past two years, we have increased our staffing levels to ensure better fire protection services and personnel safety, moved our organization to an EMT-based BLS service, as well as enhanced personnel training to include hazardous materials technician and hazardous materials specialist training. We have begun Fire Station #5 building construction and have acquired property for Fire Station #6 along with its public safety training facility. We have purchased much needed fire apparatus and anxiously await the arrival of the new engine and rescue truck.

Over the past two years, we have cultivated a work culture that is progressive, embraces diversity and professionalism with mutual respect, and accountability. A culture forged in a belief in what we are doing, a culture of family, and a culture of success. I am dedicated to working toward this positive work environment and to the continued building of an organization that will meet the ever-growing needs of this city while exceeding our citizen’s service delivery expectations.

Gallatin is a unique place with its more than 38,000 residents. Currently, Gallatin Fire Department employs 75 line personnel that respond to 4,904 calls last year. When you consider firefighters understanding of fire suppression, search and rescue, emergency medical care, swift water rescue and hazardous materials, you begin to understand the complexity of the all-hazards nature of the fire service. The bar is set very high when it comes to the academic and physical demands of this job. Our operations division members have the skillsets required for this job and perform admirably when called to service. GFD also have 7 support personnel that provide support services, fire prevention, as well as fire administration.

Finally, every person on our team vows to protect, to respond as fast as possible, and to serve every citizen with the respect they deserve. It is my hope that we can work together in improving our community’s fire department. Stop by for a tour and let us show you what we do. Invite us to your events so that we can share fire prevention and home safety information. When you see us out and about wave and you will get a wave and a smile in return. Together we will be a stronger community and make Gallatin a safer place for all.

Our Commitment to Excellence

It is our commitment to serve our community with excellence. To be professional, courteous, efficient, and proficient in our skills and our service delivery. We promise to prepare for the worst that life can offer, and when called upon, we vow to deliver the best. This is our commitment to our community

Our Mission

The Mission of the Gallatin Fire Department is to serve the citizens and businesses of the City of Gallatin by protecting life, property, and the environment from the hazards and dangers of fires, medical emergencies, and manmade or natural disasters through prevention, education, and timely incident response.

Our Vision

Gallatin Fire Department’s vision is to be a diverse progressive organization focused on high quality service delivery while maintaining cost effectiveness for a sustainable future.
Our 2016-2024 Strategic Initiatives
GFD has identified strategic initiatives to assist with organization direction and mission accomplishment. Our six (6) Strategic Initiatives are:
1. Enhancing Our Organization: will improve service through providing better direction, increased staffing, implementing standard operating guidelines, and labor/management expectations.
2. Organization Leadership: focuses on formal internal communications, on improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the fire department, increase morale, and organization stability.
3. Increase Diversity: increase trust and engagement among the broader population, will improve our public standing, professionalism, and improve our ambassadorship within the community.
4. Increase Training and Development: improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of personnel in all positions, prepare personnel for advancement and greater responsibility.
5. Succession Planning: succession planning will have replacements ready, take appropriate steps to ensure an internal applicant pool to fill vacancies, determines designated backups and potential successors for select key positions.
6. Technology Improvement: enhance our data collection, records management, pre-fire planning reports, and fire and code enforcement inspections.