Fire Inspections & Permitting

Your annual inspection helps you ensure that your property is in compliance with Gallatin's Fire Code and therefore national safety standards.

Your Annual Fire Safety Inspection, which is required by law, is also one of the lowest-cost resources available to protect your property and the health and lives of your employees and those who visit your business or occupy your premises. In part thanks to this inspection program, the City of Gallatin enjoys an extremely low fire loss rating for a city of its size, with the additional benefit of lower overall property insurance rates compared to other cities.

Once on site, Fire prevention inspectors generally check your building's exits, emergency lighting, exit signs, components of fire-resistive separation, access roadways and fire lanes, and testing and maintenance records of fire-safety systems. They will also make sure there is an emergency evacuation plan in place.

Contractor Requirements: New Installation & Modified Fire Systems

A construction permit is required for installation of modification of a fire alarm, detection system, and related equipment including the following:
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing systems
  • Fire alarm and detection systems and related equipment
  • Fire pumps (includes related fuel tanks, jockey pumps, controllers and generators)
  • Hazardous Materials Storage (including installation, repair damage to, abandon, remove, place temporarily out of service, or close or substantially modify a storage facility

Annual Inspections

There are 10,000 safety inspections conducted in Gallatin businesses annually.

After the Installation - Inspection & Maintenance Reporting

All contractors who service, test, install and/or maintain fire protection systems within the City of Gallatin are required to enroll in and use the online system called The Compliance Engine to file records of the following systems:
  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Clean Agent Suppression Systems
  • Standpipe (including 5 year hydrostatic test)
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression System (testing and cleaning)
  • Emergency Generators
Fees are paid directly from the contractor to The Compliance Engine.

Activating Your Fire Alarm

Free Registration is Required to Connect with Local Emergency Responders. In order for your new alarm system to automatically summon the aid of firefighters and EMTs in an emergency, homeowners and business owners will need to register it with the Gallatin Fire Department. This application is free of charge.

Fire Inspection Fees

After any inspection, you will be invoiced within a week of the inspector finishing the inspection report. Fees are due and payable within 30 days. Fees for inspections are based on your property's square footage, number of floors and type of occupancy.


If the inspectors find any conditions that violate city ordinance, they will notify you and, if the conditions cannot be corrected on the spot, will issue an order notice requesting that the condition be corrected as soon as possible. A re-inspection will be scheduled to confirm that the violation has been corrected. An additional fee is charged for each re-inspection.