Subdivision Regulations

Developers who wish to create multiple lots or create new road right of way for access to their property are governed by the Subdivision Regulations. They set out the rules for development within the City. From design requirements to the platting process, these regulations contain everything you need to build a housing development, a shopping center or an industrial park.

View the City of Gallatin's Subdivision Regulations (PDF)

Our staff is familiar with all aspects of the zoning and subdivision regulations, and often drafts proposed amendments to the regulations. Working closely with the Building Official and City Engineer, we can provide complete information to the public and developers in person and over the phone. We also provide information and assistance to the Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and City Council on related projects so they can make informed decisions.

Developers are encouraged to follow a 3-step process.

Sketch Plan

The sketch plan can be as simple as a drawing on a piece of paper outlining how you want to develop your property. The sketch plan will be reviewed by City Staff as well as City of Gallatin Planning Commission. The review will include initial comments on utility availability, roadway and traffic issues, and subdivision regulations issues. A sketch plan review will identify issues for the development before you invest time and money with an engineer and surveyor. A sketch plan generally takes 30 days for review.

Preliminary Plat & Master Utility Plan

A preliminary plat provides the initial details of your subdivision including lot layouts and street locations. The master utility plan lays out the location of water, sewer, storm sewer, gas and other utilities. Even if you are planning to phase your development, this is a complete overview of the development. This is a much more technical submittal than a sketch plan but less costly than a full plat and engineering plans. As with a sketch plan, the preliminary plat and master utility plan will be reviewed by City Staff along with City Planning Commission. A preliminary plat and master utility plan generally take 30 days for review.

Final Plat & Engineering Plans

The last step of the process is the final plat and companion engineering plans. The final plat is the document filed with the County that actually creates individual lots and dedicates streets and easements. Generally the final plat is submitted by phase or section for larger developments. Engineering plans for the development are submitted in conjunction with the final plat, although they can be submitted separately and before the plat. Engineering plans generally take 30 to 60 days for review and the final plat generally takes 30 days for review. The final plat must be approved by City Planning Commission and City Council. The approval process generally takes 60 days.