Town Creek Greenway Project


The Division of Underground Storage Tanks in the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) is partnering with the City of Gallatin on a long-term clean-up effort to remediate contamination from petroleum along the eastern bank of Town Creek.

TDEC and Gallatin will determine sources of petroleum that has seeped into Town Creek. Petroleum has been identified as seeping into a residential neighborhood to the southeast.

Town Creek Seep

Remediation Efforts

The mission of the Division of Underground Storage Tanks at TDEC is to protect human health and environment by remediating existing contamination and preventing future petroleum releases.

TDEC has already conducted an initial response and is monitoring activities in the area of the Town Creek Greenway.

After an investigation is complete, TDEC will conduct interim clean-up activity to relieve any odors and treat water contaminated by petroleum. It will also attempt to reduce excessive water flow. TDEC will then develop a comprehensive clean-up plan in the form of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for any contaminated areas and source areas that have been identified. The CAP will also include a sampling and monitoring plan.  

Approximate schedule for interim clean-up activities:

  • The dye trace study is currently ongoing and may last approximately 6 to 8 weeks
  • Interim clean-up activities in and around the Greenway may begin immediately following the dye trace study  


The investigation includes:

  • Testing underground storage tanks, piping and other equipment used to store and dispense gasoline and other petroleum products
  • Drilling soil borings and soil sample collection
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring wells to sample ground water and determine flow direction
  • Laboratory analysis of soil and groundwater
  • Geophysics to map the structure and possible pathways in the underlying soil and bedrock
  • Dye-trace testing and stream and seep/spring analyses to determine flow direction and travel time
  • Historical research, site reconnaissance, and surveying

Contact Information

For further questions regarding this project, please contact:

Drew Storm, TDEC: or 615-687-7095

Lance Wagner, City of Gallatin: or 615-451-5965