Albert Gallatin Road Extension

Work is progressing well - despite the rain!  The next big activity that will impact traffic patterns will be work on the new bridge over the CSX railroad. We don’t have an exact week that this work might start, but it will mean shifts in traffic. If you have any questions, please contact Rosemary Bates at or 615-230-7953.

Albert Gallatin Road Extension from SR 109 to Blythe Ave
Albert Gallatin Road Extension at Blythe Ave
Albert Gallatin Road Extension at SR 109

The aerial pictures from lateJanuary, 2020, show construction of the Albert Gallatin/Hatten Track Extension from Blythe Avenue to SR 109. Much of the construction is across undeveloped land, so it is difficult to see progress from the ground. Smith Seckman Reed is taking aerial shots every few months that we’ll be sharing with you.

The $36-million Albert Gallatin Avenue extension that will create a northern loop around the city. The low bid contractor hired by the City is Jones Brothers of Mt. Juliet. Major work scheduled, or ongoing, for the next couple of months includes:

  • Installing walls for the new bridge over the railroad tracks. This work may begin in late December. There will be times where the old bridge is temporarily closed or down to one lane.
  • Blasting at the borrow pit off Scotty Parker Road; trucks will access this pit from SR 109, not Scotty Parker Road
  • Installation of bridges on the undeveloped property where the new road is going

While this project is funded with a grant through the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the project is being managed by the City of Gallatin.

Albert Gallatin Roadway Extension Project Rendering

From east to west, the project spans approximately 1.8 miles from the intersection of N. Water/Dobbins Pike/Albert Gallatin Ave., with a new bridge over the railroad, a new signalized intersection at Blythe Ave., runs along the south side of the Sumner County Highway Department, across vacant land, to SR 109 where an elevated interchange will be built.

The latest traffic count numbers from TDOT (year 2016) show that approximately 30,000 vehicles utilize US-31E in downtown Gallatin every day, which exceeds the capacity of the existing five-lane road. The extensions are anticipated to divert approximately 12 percent of the traffic away from the downtown area and bring the average daily traffic to an acceptable level.