Stormwater Utility


In July of 2018, the City Council approved an ordinance establishing a stormwater utility and a stormwater fee program.  This was done to provide dedicated funding and resources needed to address flooding issues impacting our citizens, to provide necessary maintenance on the city’s existing stormwater infrastructure, and to comply with the Federal and State Clean Water Act requirements to improve the quality of stormwater our city discharges into the local streams.

With the passing of this ordinance, the City’s Engineering Division set up the internal Stormwater Group to provide oversight of the utility as well as provide design and coordination for public stormwater projects. The Public Works Department has purchased equipment and set up a dedicated stormwater crew to perform maintenance and construction activities.

By establishing this utility and the dedicated funding source, the City can better ensure that we are meeting the level of service and frequency of repairs and improvements necessary to support the aging stormwater infrastructure in Gallatin, as well as to meet increasing Federal and State mandated stormwater quality improvement requirements.

Meet our 1st Public Works Stormwater Crew! This dedicated Public Works Crew is tasked with helping to build, fix and maintain our stormwater infrastructure in the City of Gallatin. They address drainage issues every day!  

COG Public Works Crew 2 photo
  1. What is stormwater runoff?
  2. What is stormwater pollution?
  3. Why is stormwater runoff a problem?
  4. Why do we need to manage our stormwater runoff?
  5. What is the city doing about stormwater runoff problems?
  6. Who owns the stormwater system?
  7. How does the City currently pay for its stormwater services?
  8. Why has the City chosen to implement a separate fee for stormwater management?
  9. What is the City’s responsibility for stormwater?
  10. How did the City of Gallatin develop its stormwater utility program?
  11. What is the basis for the fee that is charged?
  12. What is impervious surface area?
  13. Why do I have to pay a stormwater fee?
  14. When will the stormwater fee take effect?
  15. Why is there a stormwater fee instead of a tax?
  16. Are tax-exempt properties also exempt from the stormwater fee?
  17. What is a Single Family Unit (SFU)?
  18. How will single-family residential properties be billed?
  19. How will non-single residential properties (such as duplexes, apartments, condos, etc.) be billed?
  20. How are non-residential property fees determined and billed?
  21. Is there anything I can do to reduce my fee?
  22. What will the money collected by the Stormwater Utility be used to pay for?
  23. Do other cities have a stormwater fee?
  24. What are the goals of the City of Gallatin’s stormwater program?
  25. What are some examples of drainage problems?
  26. Why do I have to pay when I do not have any drainage problems?
  27. I have a drainage problem in my yard. Who do I call to get help with this problem?
  28. Where can I get more information regarding the stormwater utility fee?
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