Ridesharing and Public Transportation

Ride Sharing

Bike and Ride
Bike and Ride (MTA): Now your bike can go everywhere you go.

Users login with their Facebook account. The app automatically creates a profile for them. They enter their home and work address and whether they are driving or riding. Then they begin seeing all of the other people who share the commute. Once users mutually swipe right on each other they can chat and initiate a ride immediately or at a later time. Other features include paperless reimbursement for rides, rider and driver ratings, location sharing with friends, and more.

Vanpools are much like carpools. They just have more passengers! Vanpools normally carry 12 to 15 people, each sharing the commuting costs. The number of passengers, length of trip, insurance, maintenance, gas and parking fees determines the actual cost. Vanpools provide a low cost, safe and convenient way to commute.
VanStar - A minimum of 7 participants are needed to start up a vanpool. Participants decide the vanpool start time, pickup and drop off locations, and departure time. 

RTA Park and Ride
Bus Route 87X - Gallatin Express https://www.nashvillemta.org/Nashville-MTA-Park&Ride.asp