Lock 4 Park Cleanup Event

More than 30 volunteers picked up 2,080 pounds of trash on our October cleanup at Lock 4 Park. The next major effort will be in the spring.

Volunteer for Three Hours

The City depends on volunteers to take these cleanup efforts to the next level. While our Parks Department does an excellent job maintaining our parks, trash that appears from boating and storms continues to be a challenge. It's a great way for individuals and community groups to get involved and take ownership of our public areas.
Volunteer Interest Form

Kayaks Welcome

Volunteers with Kayaks were very effective in cleaning along the shore at Woods Ferry Boat Ramp. If you are an experienced paddler and are interested in helping we would love to have you as a volunteer.

Other Cleanup Events

Dianna Johnson 615-451-5909
Jeff Hentschel 615-451-5961