Swimming Pool & Spa Alarm

Every swimming pool that is installed, constructed or substantially modified after December 14, 2006, must be equipped with an approved pool alarm which:
  • Is capable of detecting a person entering the water at any point on the surface of the pool and giving an audible alarm
  • To provide detection capability at every point on the surface of a swimming pool, it may be necessary to install more than 1 pool alarm
  • Is audible poolside and at another location on the premises where the swimming pool is located
  • Is not an alarm device which is located on a person, or which is dependent on a device located on a person for its proper operation
  • Meets ASTM F2208

Spas Not Requiring an Alarm

Pool alarms are not required in:
  • A hot tub or spa equipped with a safety cover
  • A spa equipped with an automatic power safety cover