Eclipse Encounter Astronomer Philippe Moussette

I was responsible of small group of astronomers and go to Nashville August 21, 2017 for observable sun eclipse i saw the Cree treek park in in central line of eclipse.  i publish since 1998, and offer 80 picture on astronomical publication. You can see it at 

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Philippe Moussette

I like also difuse in direct the eclipse you have wifi in the park if wes s greater fos cande difuse. and also i tok the eclipse in picture ans i sen in in larg of media i like take a composite of more picture of eclipse. you can see it my montage of lunar eclipse take of September 27, 2015 and the montage of May 9, 2016 mercury transit.

Solarmax 40 Coronado

Philippe Moussette Telescopes

Solarmax 40 Telescope

Philippe Moussette Picture of Sun

500mm Lens

Philippe Moussette Picture of Sun with Solarmax 40 Telescope

500mm + 1.4X and 7d Mark II

Philippe Moussette Picture of Sun with 7d Mark II

Comparison of 500mm and 500mm + 1.4 X

Philippe Moussette Sun Picture Comparison of Telescope
Coming to Gallatin for the eclipse?

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