Firework Stand Permitting

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First, a transient vendor license must be obtained through the City Recorder's Office. The fee for this license is $50.

Next, a firework stand/tent permit application must be filed with the Building Department, including the applicant's signature and the property owner's signature (or lease agreement).
The following documentation must accompany this application:
*An initialed copy of the ordinance
*Site Plan (an aerial view, preferably Sumner County GIS or Google Earth)
*Proof of General Liability Insurance for $2,000,000 per occurrence
*State Fire Marshal Permit 
*Proof of state sales tax number
*City Transient Vendor License

Once application has been submitted, the Planning Department will review the site plan, as well as visit the physical location for compliance with the ordinance guidelines.

Once the location of the tent onsite is approved, payment must be made for the following:
*$2500 for the firework stand/tent permit
*$500 for the cleanup deposit
*$50 for temporary use
*Where temporary electricity will be needed, a separate permit will be required. The electrician must pull the temporary electrical permit.

After payment is made, the permit will be issued. A fire inspector will then make an on-site inspection to ensure compliance with life safety codes. 

A permit to sell fireworks to the general public is valid ONLY from June 15th through July 5th or December 2nd through January 2nd. 

Required Documentation for Firework Stand/Tent