Driveway Permits

The purpose of the permit process is to ensure that new driveway installations and the modification of existing driveways concur with city regulations as listed below:

  • Single family dwellings shall be limited to only one access point entering the Public ROW.
  • Additional access locations must have approval by the City Engineer. 
  • Driveway widths shall not exceed 35 feet at its outer most width.
  • If a drainage ditch adjacent to the roadway exists, a drainage culvert will be required. The Engineering Division will determine the size of the culvert.
  • Approved material for driveway culverts are concrete and high density polythylene pipe (HDPE). 
  • Headwalls are required when using HDPE pipe.
Commercial driveways typically are permitted through the Planning Commission process. Non-residential driveway locations and dimensions will be reviewed and approved during Planning Commission submittals.

The application fee for a driveway permit is $15. 
Permits can be applied and paid for online through our Citizen Self Serve Portal (CSS). Click Here to be taken to the CSS Portal. 
Instructions on how to apply using CSS can be found here

If the proposed driveway is located on a State Route, contact the local Tennessee Department of Transportation office for permitting. The local TDOT office for the Gallatin area can be reached at 615-451-5822.