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Gallatin has added 3,000 new primary jobs and filled them all as our manufacturing base expands. Almost every day, we have new job postings. Not only do we encourage our manufacturers to post their available jobs on this site, we also encourage other businesses, retail, healthcare, service industries, restaurants, and more to post their in - Gallatin jobs. So, don't visit here just once - keep coming back and tell your friends about us. You can follow us on Facebook, too.
Chemist preparing colors at American Colors

Existing Industry Partners

Gallatin is home to more than 60 manufacturers and distributors. They employee nearly 5,200 people. Our partners include auto parts, custom buses, packaging materials, food distribution, ultrasound equipment and much more.
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Apply directly with the company. If you need help give us a call. If you have a job to post, follow the links on the job listing page.

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What's Happening?

Don’t miss the next job fair or latest news about job and business growth. If you have an event or want to share the good news about your company, give us a call at 615-451-5940 or email us.

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