New developments in Gallatin!

There is a lot of development occurring in Gallatin.  If you see a "Public Notice Zoning Action" sign, this means that the City is considering a zoning change and possibly a new development for the site.  Many have been approved and are now under construction.   Hopefully the information below will help keep you in the loop of all the exciting things coming to Gallatin.  Notable projects of interest include:  

Planning Commission (PC), City Council (CC), Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) 

Pending Approval

*Child Care Facility, Conditional Use Permit approving Limited Child Care Activity, on property located at 1180 Nashville Pike.  (Pending BZA Approval)

*GW Warehouse and Storage, Comp Plan Amendment and Rezoning of 21.96 (+/-) acres from R15-Medium Density to CG-Commercial General zone district for the transport and warehousing use, located at 141 Dobbins Pike.  (Pending PC Recommendation, Pending CC Approval)

*HATS, Rezoning of 6.00 (+/-) acres from MRO-Multiple Residential and Office to IR-Industrial Restrictive zone district, on property located at 541 and 545 Airport Road. (Pending PC Recommendation, Pending CC Approval)

*1645 Nashville Pike, Amending the Preliminary Master Development Plan and approving a Final Master Development Plan for 2.876 (+/-) acres, to construct four (4) office buildings consisting of 16,985 square feet, on property located at 1645 Nashville Pike.  (Pending PC Approval)

*Platinum Storage Kennesaw Farms, Amending the Preliminary Master Development Plan for 3.47 (+/-) aces, to add limited warehousing use in the PGC-Planned General Commercial zoned district, on property  located North of Nashville Pike and West of Kennesaw Boulevard. (Pending PC Recommendation, Pending CC Approval)

*Gas Station, Annexation of property to construct a convenience sales and service at the intersection of Airport Road and Hartsville Pile. (Recommended Approval by PC, Pending CC Approval) 

*Miracle Car Dealership, Rezoning to PGC for extension of car dealership on property located at the intersection of Nashville Pike and Blue Jay Way. (Recommended Approval by PC, Pending CC Approval) 

*Westfield, Annexation, Plan of Service and Rezoning of 132.525 (+/-) acres, located east of Big Station Camp Boulevard, North of Lakeland Road and South of SR-386. (Recommended by PC, Pending CC Approval)

* Langley Estates, Annexation and Rezoning 77.43 (+/-) acres from R15-Medium Density Residential to R15 PRD - Planned Residential Development, located at 416 Coles Ferry Road.  The owner proposes to construct single family homes and attached dwellings. (Pending CC Approval)


*Speedway, Final Master Development Plan to construct a 4,608 square foot convenience store with fuel sales on 1.58 (+/-) acres, located at 1501 GreenLea Boulevard. (Approved by PC) 

*McDonald's Restaurant (at Greensboro Village) Remodel, Amendment to the Greensboro Village Planned Unit Development (PUD)  and Final Master Development Plan to remodel the existing building, located at 990 Greensboro Drive. (Approved by PC)

*1163 Nashville Pike, Amendment of the Preliminary Master Development Plan and Final Master Development Plan located at 1163 Nashville Pike.  (Approved by PC)

*The Knoll at Fairvue, Amendment to the Greensboro Village Planned Unit Development (PUD), located south of Nashville Pike and East of Grassland Chase Drive and Browns Lane. (Approved by PC)

* Oxford Square, Rezoning 26.37 (+/-) acres from Planned General Commercial and Planned Business Park to Multiple Residential and Office with a PMDP for 155 townhomes, 67,300 sq. ft. of commercial buildings and a tract for future development, located south of the intersection of Long Hollow Pike and SR 386.  (Approved by PC)

* Langford Farms, Annexation and Rezoning 80.20 (+/-) acres to develop a subdivision containing 262 single family lots, located at 245 and 255 Old Douglas Bend Road.  (Approved by Council)
* Kensington Downs, Rezoning 69.56 (+/-) acres from MRO-Multiple Residential and Office, Mu-Mixed Use and PGC-Planned General Commercial to R8 (PRD) - Medium Density Residential, Planned Residential Development for 195 single-family homes and 85 townhomes, located at Greenlea Boulevard and Long Hollow Pike. (Approved by CC)

* Express Oil Gallatin at Savannah Marketplace, A Final Master Development Plan for a 4,800 square foot motor vehicle service and repair building located at 2109 Nashville Pike. (Approved by PC)

* Goodview Properties,  Amendment of the Preliminary Master Development Plan to increase the number of mini-storage units on 18.75 (+/-) acres, located at 1497 Greenlea Boulevard. (Approved by PC)
* Villas on the Green,  Rezoning 13.06 (+/-) acres from PNC-Planned Neighborhood Commercial to MRO-Multiple Residential and Office, to construct 68 condominium units, located north of Fairvue Plantation and south of Kennesaw Farms.  (Approved by CC)

* Long Hollow Baptist Church,  Rezoning 19.51 (+/-) acres from (OR) Office Residential to (MRO) Multiple Residential and Office, to construct a Place of Worship facility, located at Highway 109 and Highway 25.  (Approved by CC)
* Hunter Pointe, Ph. 1,  A 216 unit multi-family apartment complex located south of Long Hollow Pike and west of the SR 386 intersection.  (Approved by CC)
* Meadow Glen at Fairway Farms,  A 66.76 (+/-) acre subdivision that will contain 163 single-family homes located south of Red River Road and west of SR 109 (SR25W). (Approved by PC)

* Mapco,  A 4,500 square foot convenience sales and service facility and a car wash located at 1107 Long Hollow Pike, the NW corner of SR 386 and Long Hollow Pike.  (Approved by PC)

Under Construction

*Liberty Creek, Amendment of the Preliminary Master Development Plan and revision of the Final Master Development plan for a variance of the side and front yard setbacks, located at 599 Harris Lane. (Under Construction) 

* Sleep Inn,  Site Plan to construct a 44 unit hotel on 1.5 (+/-) acres, located on Village Green Crossing.  (Under Construction)
* Preston Park,  A 140 unit  (64 flats, 76 townhomes) multi-family development located east of North Martin Vineyards Way and south of Tulip Poplar Drive. (Under Construction)
* Medical Office Building,  A 35,771 square foot two-story medical office building located north of the intersection of Nashville Pike and St. Blaise Road. (Under Construction)

* Blue Jay Way Retail Center,  A 14,983 square foot multi-tenant commercial building located on North Blue Jay Way at Nashville Pike.  (Under Construction)
* Patterson Farms,  A subdivision that will contain 144 single family homes and 62 townhomes located south of SR 109, west of Clear Lake Meadows Boulevard and north of Nichols Lane. (Under Construction)

* The Edison (Village at Peytona Downs), A 304 unit multi-family apartment complex located; west of Greenlea Boulevard, east of St. Blaise Road north of Nashville Pike. (Under Construction)
* Macon Bank, 
A 3,600 square foot commercial building located at 681 and 685 Nashville Pike. (Under Construction, Partially Completed)

* Residence of Gallatin, 
A 188 unit multi-family apartment complex located at Long Hollow Pike and Highway 109. (Under Construction/Partially Completed)
* Kendra Place Apartments,  
A 22 multi-family; unit apartment complex located at 1211 South Water Avenue. (Under Construction)
*Vintage at Foxland, A 206 multi-family dwelling unit development on 14.27 (+/-) acres, located south of Nashville Pike, west of Douglas Bend Road.  (Under Construction)
*Chandler Park, Rezoning 4.74 (+/-) acres from PBP - Planned Business Park to MU - Mixed Use to construct 492 multi-family dwelling units, located north and south of Harris Lane and east of Greenlea Blvd.  (Under Construction)

*Revere Apartments, A 444 unit multi-family development on Big Station Camp Blvd.  (Under Construction, Partially Completed)

*Hilton Garden Hotel @ Baker's Crossing, A 99 room hotel, restaurant and conference center on 8.15 (+/-) acres, located on Tulip Poplar Drive between Nashville Pike and North Belvedere Drive.  (Under Construction)

*Kennesaw Farms, Lot 4, An 8,570 sq. ft. medical office building on 1.24 (+/-) acres located at 1710 Nashville Pike.  (Under Construction)

*Overlook Apartments, A 96 unit multi-family development, on 6.990 (+/-) acres, located south of Hancock Street and East of Green  Wave Drive.  (Under Construction)


* Avery Park, Annexation and Rezoning 45.51 (+/-) acres to develop a subdivision containing 136 lots (86 single family detached homes and 50 single family attached homes), located on Douglas Bend Road. (Withdrawn)