New Construction Process

New construction includes construction projects for new structures and the redevelopment of land within the city limits. Commercial and multi-family properties are included. A preapplication/concept review and site development plan review are required.

Other Departments

 Please check with the Planning/Zoning Department and the Engineering Department to determine requirements prior to submitting plans and/or permits to the Building Department. This will save time for all parties involved in the overall project.

Building Permit Plan Reviews

Most building projects in the City of Gallatin including new construction, remodeling and repairs require a building permit plan review to evaluate the projects before permits are issued. There are some instances where only a trade specific permit is issued with no review required.

Building Inspections

All construction must be inspected for compliance with all adopted International Code Council building codes, local ordinances, and the State of Tennessee requirements in the areas of structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. These inspections are handled by our Building Inspections staff.

Schedule an Inspection or Check Status of Inspection