Inspection Scheduling

Inspection Scheduling by the Building Department

Most inspections will be performed on the workday following the inspection request being received by phone or electronically if received before 2 p.m., unless the person requesting the inspection specifically requests that the inspection be scheduled for a later date.

Call the inspection hotline at 615-451-5970.

Concrete Inspections

We will make concrete inspections high priority. When footings, foundation wall or structural slab inspections are needed on the same day that the request is being made, the request should be called in as early in the day as possible to assist the routing of the inspectors. However enough time must be allowed for the work requiring inspection to be completed to avoid having the inspection rejected or reinspection fee issued for not being ready.


After the initial requested inspection has been performed, if deficiencies are found to exist as a result of the inspection, a correction list will either be left at the job site or can be viewed on the Customer Self Serve portal. All items on a correction notice are required to be corrected before a request for a reinspection is made. Reinspection requests shall be made in the same manner as other inspections and will be responded to as previously outlined.

Reinspection Fees

If a second reinspection is required, a fee will be incurred. Please see the fee schedule for pricing. No deficient item noted on an inspection report which requires approval shall be concealed or covered until approval has been received on an inspection report.

Noncompletion of Work

If work has not been completed for a requested inspection when the inspector arrives at the job site, the inspector may stop the inspection and a reinspection fee may be assessed.

Note: Inspectors will only inspect items noted on the original inspection correction list when performing re-inspections, unless additional work was performed after the initial inspection was performed or a major deficiency is found which could adversely affect the integrity of the structure or the life-safety or sanitation of its occupants. It will not be the policy of the Building Department to cause a new list of deficiencies to be prepared on re-inspections that would require the payment of re-inspection fees.

Certificate of Occupancy Required: Final Inspection

No building or structure shall be used or occupied until the permit holder has requested a final inspection and the final inspection has been performed by the Building Department and a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.

A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy may be granted if it is found that no significant hazard will result from occupancy of a building or portion of a building or structure after a final inspection has been performed. A fee of $115 will be assessed for a residential Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, allowing 15 days for completion, and $515 for a commercial Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, allowing 30 days for completion.

All deficiencies should be corrected and a reinspection scheduled before the expiration date of the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. If a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is required to be extended, the fees mentioned above will be required again. No extension of a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy will be granted unless a re-inspection has been performed to document the progress of the corrections being made to bring the building or structure into full compliance.