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Community Survey Shows High Satisfaction

D&S Industries Breaks Ground in Gallatin

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As part of its adopted Strategic Plan, the City of Gallatin conducted its first objective, randomly-sampled Citizen Community Satisfaction Survey this year. The video provides a summary of the results. Overall, Gallatin rated significantly higher than the national average in more than 70% of the areas assessed. But there are areas the community identified for improvment, mostly related to growth and infrastruture. If you'd like to dig into the details, here they are:

Findings Report including answers to every question

Crosstabular Results by types-Household, Income, Years in Gallatin, Employment

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(August 19, 2020)   D&S Industries, a veteran-owned company, broke ground today in Gallatin, Tennessee on an 11-acre site where they are constructing an 81,000 sq.ft. facility to manufacture proprietary materials for the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. This project represents a $10-million investment with up to 17 new jobs.

“The management team at D&S Industries is very excited to be expanding our operations to Middle Tennessee as we build our state-of-the-art facility, in the welcoming City of Gallatin," said Dominic Wade, the owner of D&S. "We evaluated numerous sites all over the Eastern United States and found that the Gallatin Industrial Center offered strategic access to efficient global shipping, a robust pool of skilled labor, and a charming community that combines the best of a place to work and live."

(August 12, 2020)   It started three years ago with a simple inquiry from a prospect looking to locate a data center. As the company we called Woolhawk narrowed its site selection, Gallatin stayed on the list, and stayed, and stayed. We are proud to finally announce that Facebook is building an $800 Million state-of-the-art data center in Gallatin, Tennessee.

 Welcome Facebook!


A 217-year-old city doesn’t stay alive simply by existing. It stays alive because it grows. Smart growth. Pro-active growth. Gallatin balances the ability to welcome the new, but also politely say “no thank you” to something that we know won’t thrive here. #GallatinTn is going up across the board: population, economy, and investment. We’re truly a city that invests in itself. Our mission is a resilient and diverse economy. 

Recognized as one of the top “power suburbs” in the United States, Gallatin boasts high-paying jobs and low taxes. Economic health, rich in education excellence, a thriving arts scene, and a vibrant retail environment make Gallatin a hub for family life. And a big plus: we’re 23 miles northeast of downtown Nashville, a city filling with young professionals and big-name businesses. Amazon. AllianceBernstein. Ernst & Young. Lyft. Warby Parker.

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Okay. We won’t make you guess. We ranked #7. Homesnack(.net) considered safety, affordability, education, diversity, housing, commute, jobs and amenities. Check out the entire list and see which cities are on it. (But you really don’t need to look past Gallatin, do you?)

2020 Gallatin EDA All About Us Book


The COVID-19 Pandemic may have moved us inside until the danger passes, but that does not stop companies from considering where they might launch their new venture. Gallatin is still open for companies wanting to start the dialogue for a future location. Check us out online first by flipping through our 2020 Gallatin Economic Development book.

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If you're driving around town and see all the construction, then wonder, "What's going on there? What will that be?" - then here's a way to find out: a listing of new developments approved and/or under construction. If you still have questions, give us a call.