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    Gallatin, Tennessee
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PlanGallatin: What Would Your Dot Say?

The City is more than two months into creating a new comprehensive development plan - a plan that will guide Gallatin's growth for the next ten or more years. It will affect residential, commercial, industrial, preservation, amenities, infrastructure, and culture.

That is why it is extremely important to hear from our local businesses and manufacturers. There will be more public meetings and we'll keep you posted about those. In the meantime, please take these surveys:

Survey #1 - Help Define the Issues to be addressed by PlanGallatin

Survey #2 - Feedback on Emerging Themes

Don't miss your chance to determine Gallatin's future. PlanGallatin.org


A 217-year-old city doesn’t stay alive simply by existing. It stays alive because it grows. Smart growth. Pro-active growth. Gallatin balances the ability to welcome the new, but also politely say “no thank you” to something that we know won’t thrive here.

#GallatinTn is going up across the board- population, economy, and investment. We’re truly a city that invests in itself. Our mission is a resilient and diverse economy. 

Recognized as one of the top “power suburbs” in the United States, Gallatin boasts high-paying jobs and low taxes. Economic health, rich in education excellence, a thriving arts scene, and a vibrant retail environment make Gallatin a hub for family life.

And a big plus: we're 23 miles northeast of downtown Nashville, a city filling with young professionals and big-name businesses. Amazon. AllianceBernstein. Ernst & Young. Lyft. Warby Parker.

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Okay. We won't make you guess. We ranked #4. Homesnacks.net considered safety, affordability, education, diversity, housing, commute, jobs and amenities. Check out the entire list and see who's on it.

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Gallatin is in the early stages of revising a comprehensive development plan for the City. What do you think? Start with taking the survey. Keep an eye here for announcements on when there will be more opportunities for public involvement.

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If you're driving around town and see all the construction, then wonder, "What's going on there? What will that be?" - then here's a way to find out: a listing of new developments approved and/or under construction. If you still have questions, give us a call.

What's happening in Gallatin?