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  1. Gallatin Parks & Recreation is a department of the City of Gallatin and is directed by David F. Brown. Gallatin Parks and Recreation encompasses the Tommy Garrott Aquatics Facility, Gallatin Civic Center, Long Hollow Golf Course, the Gallatin Cemetery, Gallatin’s Greenway and Gallatin’s five city parks. The Department’s mission is to enhance resident’s quality of life, bolster the area’s feeling of community and help attract tourism, business and new residents. 
Dog Park at Triple Creek
Frisbee Golf at Triple Creek Park
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Every dog loves to be cut loose and go nuts with other dogs. Triple Creek Park has a secure area your dog will wag about.
Triple Creek Park is home to one of the most technically challenging frisbee golf experiences around. Read more for pictures and reviews.
Gallatin Parks and Recreation plans to convert one of the city’s softball fields into an all-inclusive park that would be accessible for children and adults with special needs.
Baseball in the Park
mountain bike handlebars in forest
Skatepark at Thompson Park
Whether it's basketball, soccer, baseball or some other sport, you are bound to have great fun and friendly competition.
Enthusiasts from all over Tennessee come to Gallatin for our lakefront mountain bike trail. Get a map and learn more about local clubs and resources.
If you know what Ally-oop, Ollie, or Fakie means, you'll be interested in Gallatin's outdoor street course.